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Broadway Cafe (Ex Sin City)

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Broadway Cafe (Ex Sin City)

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Budapest, VI. District, Nagymezo street. 23.

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Unfortunately, it is also such a club which doesn't operate for its guests, but plays into the hands of the notorious taxi maffia of Budapest. They pay a high, - 100 euros - amount of charge after every guest, which they can only offset of course with the regular lesion of guests. That is why over-invoicing often happens here, and there are hided costs – like for example the first drink for 80 euros. Because of the lot of complain letters and the reasons mentioned above, we rank this place in a specifically not suggested category. We can mention only the position of the club as positive attribute.

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doolla 2010/06/07

This place is simply awful. Be careful if you decide to risk entering, but also if you’re just walking around in the area of Liszt Ferenc square, because there are girls out there trying to entice people to go in, promising free entry and cheap beer when the first drink will cost you about 70 Euros. Add to that the fee the girls charge if they sit next to you, whether you invite them for something or not. In about half an hour your bill will already be over 300 Euros. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


Vodoley 2009/04/24

Last time when I was in Budapest on business, I stayed at the Kempinsky and at the advice of the doorman I took the hotel’s taxi and ended up in a club named Broadway Café. I had to pay EUR 400, although I surely did not spend more than half an hour there and had two beers to drink. The usual trick: they sent girls and at the same time brought glasses of Champaign, regarding which at the end they said I had ordered. Everyone should stay away from this place and do not trust either the hotel personnel or taxi drivers, because if they do this to guests at the Kempinsky then the y most certainly do this at other places as well.


traveler_asia 2008/10/15

A few months ago we came to Budapest to attend a conference. On the evening of our arrival me and my two colleagues decided to visit a club. I wish we had not done so. Unfortunately back then I had not yet read this forum, so we took a taxi of the Kempinsky Hotel and we asked the driver to recommend us something. So we did get to a bar called Sin City (the name itself already sounds bad), where we were told right upon our arrival that we had to pay the price of the first drink which I do not remember exactly but cost about EUR 80 per person. When our drinks were served three girls sat down at our table uninvited, and the waiter brought them drinks without us ordering any. This already seemed suspicious to us, and we did send away the girls, but 2 minutes later the whole thing was repeated. We had enough o this very quickly, so we asked for the bill and called a taxi. This is when we had to face what we never expected in our worst dreams. The amount of the invoice was more than EUR 600 so that we had three drinks in total. Of course there was a scandal, we did not want to pay the amount. We were surrounded by the personnel and they said that we could not get out of the place as long as we did not pay, because we had invited six girls and the invoice also contained the additional six drinks. We all argued, as a result of which we paid part of the amount and we were allowed to leave. Later at the hotel we made a complaint against both the taxi driver and the bar. We had no energy or time to go to the police, although I would have liked to do so. We made a complaint against the taxi driver because, as we were subsequently informed, they take their clients to places where tourists mostly get cheated, and the drivers receive quite a significant commission for that. So our taxi driver was also well aware of what would happen to us, and he still took us there. Subsequently we also wrote a complaint letter to the manager of the hotel, we are still waiting for his reply. I would hereby like to warn everyone to be careful and get information about which club to choose, because they can easily end up in a situation like us. It is very important that one does not rely on a taxi driver in any case, the visitor should choose the bar himself, and one should not let others talk them out of it, because the taxi driver will take them to the most expensive and most incorrect place for sure.


seeker 2008/07/02

Since, i live in Budapest i know how the things are working here and what are the most painful problems with clubs. Why am i writing? Because i don’t like what is going on in Budapest and honestly i don’t understand how the hungarian govermen lets the taxi mafia and the corrupt bars working.


seraf_raf 2008/06/25

Unfortunately i didn’t read this site before to came to Budapest.. I become one of the victims of taxi mafia. One of them took me to the Sin City and i payed at least three times more then i've should to. There are about 15 girls working there, promising full escort service. They let you pay the escort promising to come to the hotel room, but they don’t. So keep out this place. Not recommened!

Blacklist Watch out for taxi drivers!


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Anybody who has been to Budapest must know it's no accident that it is also known as the Bangkok of Eastern Europe, or Capital of Sex. Sex and Budapest and Budapest are absolutely interchangeable terms for many reasons. The first is that in Budapest, the beauty of the girls incomparable compared to the other nations of Europe.

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