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Hallo Bar

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Shadow Hallo Bar

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6.0 / 10

Budapest VII district, Király u. 65.

Positive features

There are a lot of girls. The rooms are large, spacious, and nice. The service is appropriate. The programme is exclusive. There is no entrance fee.

Negative features

No in-call, no out-call. The girls are too red-blooded, they are almost intrusive.

Club reviews



MICKEY 2018/07/12

Best bachelor party of my life. Amazed by the girls and by the modern and tasteful interior. The erotic shows on the stage are unforgettable. Oh, and the palinka is good…very, very good.


StivRichardOff 2012/05/18

I spent a really nice evening at your place. We organized my best friend’s bachelor party in Hallo Bar, and I can say that it was a massive hit, and gave us a lifelong memory! I really liked the place, the staff was also very nice, and we hadn’t any problem with the prices, either. And the girls were simply adorable. I thank you again for everything, and I will recommend this place to everyone!


vilja77 2010/10/02

All in all I can’t say I was disappointed. We were there for about 2 hours and we were satisfied with all services, including those provided by the girls. Prices were quite reasonable too. One thing that wasn’t quite up to scratch was the hotness of those girls. We weren’t fully satisfied with that. We didn’t go to any other bars in Budapest, so I have no frame of reference, but for example I have been to several bars in New York and the girls in Hallo bar don’t even compare to the hot chicks you see overseas. So I’m not dissatisfied at all, but if I ever decide to return to Budapest, I will check out a different bar next time..


bobbid 2009/04/24

Before my friend’s wedding we went to the Marilyn, but we did not really like the place. Nor were the girls and the design of the bar suitable, but the prices were OK. We went over to the Hallo bar and we had a really good time. Those who do not want to end the night with sex by all means and do not wish to be overcharged or encounter any other tricks, I would absolutely recommend this place to them.


kent 2008/12/02

A few weeks ago it was the third time that I had been here. I like this place, though it used to make a much greater impression on me than the last time. Many of the girls who were formerly employed do not work here any longer, and even one year ago they were much more beautiful than now. I have the feeling that service quality has become a bit lower, the staff is not as nice as they used to be, and the number of guests is also lower than before. However, prices are still low, invoicing is fair, and safe, without any tricks. It is still in the category that I recommend.


antonio 2008/03/13

nice girls and interesting show and cheap enough.was sad that i did not find a girl who wanted sex with me :)


itfcman 2008/03/13

I can understand why Carl feels my reviwe isn't true as the majority of the girls do not leave the club, but i can assure him and you that a very pretty blonde girl, i think her name was Betty came back to my hotel with me and after we both showered, gave me an hour that i will never forget. Why would i want to make it up ? I'm going back for more later this year.

Blacklist Watch out for taxi drivers!


CLUB: P1 Gentlemen's Club

written by Dusan

"Great club full with passion and erotica. Absolutely worth a visit, if you want something extraordinary for your money in Budapest. And the girls...cant find any words :D...


CLUB: Club P2

written by Jorg

"Absolutely the best. Been to several nightclubs in my life across the globe, but P2 is one of the greatest. Always been fan of hungarian girls, here you find the most breathtaking of them. Spent two wonderful nights in Budapest, and two unforgettable...


CLUB: The New Play Night Club ( ex X-Play, ex JET)

written by Lee07

"So, I wish I could say something positive about this place, but the truth is, that Play Night Club is NOT recommended. They work with crazy prices, and force you to pay the unrealistic bill. Me and my friends just wanted to have a pleasant evening...


CLUB: Carpe Diem Night Club (ex Flash Dance)

written by Carlos

"Be careful, because overcharging appears in this club, especially if you are not hungarian. We went with a bigger company, and the bill was unrealistic. We just had few drinks and watched the show. No way it costs more then 150 Euros...


CLUB: Mambo Night Club

written by Jürgen78

"Really disappointed. Wanted to have fun, but no chance under these circumstances. The Club is extremely overpriced, the setting is low-budget and the girls are bored as hell. No to mention the rude waitresses and security guys. Been there 30 minutes...


CLUB: 4play

written by Ron

"Not recommended for everyone, its a really cheap entertainment. You definitely gonna find a better nightclub in Budapest...



Anybody who has been to Budapest must know it's no accident that it is also known as the Bangkok of Eastern Europe, or Capital of Sex. Sex and Budapest and Budapest are absolutely interchangeable terms for many reasons. The first is that in Budapest, the beauty of the girls incomparable compared to the other nations of Europe.

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