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Budapest V, Podmaniczky Frigyes tér 1

Positive features

A club of European standards has been opened downtown in April 2009, in our understanding with a West-European management. Its location is perfect, it is in the proximity of the biggest hotels, right next to St. Stephen’s Basilica, in the heart of the city centre. The club has a first class interior satisfying everyone’s needs, friendly, of high quality, but not ostentatious. Both the staff and the service are among the best in town according to early feedback and in our own experience as well. Service is of the highest quality, we are not aware of overbilling or any other activity going on to rip off tourists. About 15-20 girls work at the same time each night, if we had to give points, we would give the maximum to each and every one of them for both appearance and personality. We hope that they will be able to maintain the mind blowing standards of the debuting weeks and in P1 Budapest will finally have its own top quality club.

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latitude_cruz 2011/07/12

It’s really busy, bustling, almost beyond what you’d call a strip club. P1 might be in a category of its own, I for one have never seen anything like it. Its style is part disco, part nightclub, you don’t feel like you’re in a bar, but in a club where every minute something exciting happens.


jonvs 2011/06/18

I would like to express my honest appreciation towards the P1management, for the way they manage this club and for how they attend to the guests. For me, the P1 represents the concept of a CLUB, from all aspects. It is trendy, classy, bustling with life, full of life and remarkably varied. P1 has everything that is needed for a real good night full of experiences, and it is not even expensive. One thing is that it is located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes’ walk away from the major hotels. The other thing is that for EUR 20 you get all-you-can-drink service, and there is no entry fee either. The atmosphere is so cool and relaxed that I myself have never seen such a club or a similar one. Some time ago I visited the club with a large party, and my friends all agreed that the P1 is the best place today we have been to in the past couple of years! I recommend it to everyone who is young and likes it when there is also action, does not just like to sit and look around, and to those who like beautiful girls, because there are plenty of them at this location!


shockuk 2011/04/18

Currently, the P1 is by far the best club in Budapest, in every respect. The others are so far from it that they are practically not even worth mentioning. The most important thing is that the most girls, and the most beautiful ones are at the P1. There are incomparably more beautiful girls working there than at the other locations. Prices are sensational, if I consider that, similar to the Palace, for EUR 20 you get unlimited drinks consumption here as well, in line with free transportation to the spot and free entry. I am asking: where is there something like that elsewhere in Europe? For me also the location is very important. When I am in Budapest, I always stay in the city. The P1 is in the centre of the city, in direct vicinity of the major hotels, so that it can conveniently be accessed on foot as well. But the most important factor is the atmosphere. Because that is incredible at the P1! If for someone it is important to really relax and have a great time, they should not miss it on any account. I do not know how they do it, but whenever I went there, the same relaxed party atmosphere was awaiting me. In a word: it is a fantastic place, you must see it!!!


joe_sy 2010/12/16



joe_sy 2010/12/16



moelen 2010/11/23

it was two years ago that I last went to Budapest. before I got there I checked the internet about what the places to go to are and that’s how I found P1. all of my Hungarian friends confirmed this, nobody had a bad word to say about this club and now in retrospect I definitely can’t complain either. I don’t think it’s like any other club in Budapest, both its style and atmosphere set it apart from the others. it has a category of its own, I guess, more like a cross between a disco and a bar than your traditional night club, but the bottom line is: I went there three times while I was in Budapest. it’s the most honest place ever, no sign of any fraud or overbilling. the girls are way hotter than anywhere else. you can compare it to any other European club, you don’t get stuff like this anywhere else. there is a totally relaxed vibe, the staff aren’t rigid or anything, you don’t feel like you’re only being entertained because they want your money. the interior design of the club is also very cool and comfy. the only thing that put me off somewhat was the smoke. unfortunately public smoking is still not banned in Hungary and since I don’t smoke I was proper irritated. but apart from that I can’t but praise this place, it’s definitely recommended to everyone!


lintoxx 2010/07/29

Last year we were there at the Formula 1 and we are sure to go back this year again. What I’m a bit afraid of is everybody coming to where we’re going, causing the place to become overcrowded. But this is the only place where you’re safe and there are like 40 gorgeous girls working there and in my experience there aren’t many taboos, those birds are everything but shy!

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CLUB: P1 Gentlemen's Club

written by Dusan

"Great club full with passion and erotica. Absolutely worth a visit, if you want something extraordinary for your money in Budapest. And the girls...cant find any words :D...


CLUB: Club P2

written by Jorg

"Absolutely the best. Been to several nightclubs in my life across the globe, but P2 is one of the greatest. Always been fan of hungarian girls, here you find the most breathtaking of them. Spent two wonderful nights in Budapest, and two unforgettable...


CLUB: The New Play Night Club ( ex X-Play, ex JET)

written by Lee07

"So, I wish I could say something positive about this place, but the truth is, that Play Night Club is NOT recommended. They work with crazy prices, and force you to pay the unrealistic bill. Me and my friends just wanted to have a pleasant evening...


CLUB: Carpe Diem Night Club (ex Flash Dance)

written by Carlos

"Be careful, because overcharging appears in this club, especially if you are not hungarian. We went with a bigger company, and the bill was unrealistic. We just had few drinks and watched the show. No way it costs more then 150 Euros...


CLUB: Mambo Night Club

written by Jürgen78

"Really disappointed. Wanted to have fun, but no chance under these circumstances. The Club is extremely overpriced, the setting is low-budget and the girls are bored as hell. No to mention the rude waitresses and security guys. Been there 30 minutes...


CLUB: 4play

written by Ron

"Not recommended for everyone, its a really cheap entertainment. You definitely gonna find a better nightclub in Budapest...



Anybody who has been to Budapest must know it's no accident that it is also known as the Bangkok of Eastern Europe, or Capital of Sex. Sex and Budapest and Budapest are absolutely interchangeable terms for many reasons. The first is that in Budapest, the beauty of the girls incomparable compared to the other nations of Europe.

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