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Budapest V. Sas utca 9.

+36 1 786 77 40

Positive features

This Night Club employs the most beautiful girls in the city. The number of girls varies between 20 - 25 each day. The atmosphere and the environment have high standards and the service is appropriate. Warm meal is served between 6 p.m. and midnight. /According to our experiences, the food is excellent. Beside this, there's a 50 € cupon, you can spend it inside. But do not take any taxi because the cupon is valid for only those guests who are transferred to the club by their free car service, call 36 20 222-44-22 for that. The clientele is exclusive.

Negative features

Unfortunately, sometimes there are no free tables.

Club reviews



archibald 2011/04/13

A small, cozy club on the Buda side of Budapest, not far from the centre. When I arrived there I was a little confused because I didn’t exactly know where I was, but then I figured out I was near Chain Bridge, about a mile away from it. The first thing you have to know about Club P2 is that if you ask for the club’s own car instead of a taxi, they will take you there for free and you don’t have to pay the entrance fee either. They fortunately don’t have anything like obligatory purchases or any other similar tricks to rip you off. You do have to call a cab when you go home, though, or the car of the club can take you back, but this time you have to pay for it. I thought it was interesting that you can also eat at P2. When I was there for the second time, I did try it, I had a full dinner. It was really nice and tasty, definitely comes recommended. Another interesting thing is that you can access the VIP rooms through the kitchen. It’s quite funny actually, it feels a little like you’re in a movie. Both the staff and the girls were top notch, that’s why we went back there the second day. They were really nice and honest, and the prices were reasonable too, everything was superb, really. It’s worth taking advantage of the coupons found on the website, you can download and print them from the net. We chose the one for 20 Euros and took it with us, for which we got free drinks for two hours. I think it’s impossible to beat an offer like that, especially considering that we also got there for free and we didn’t have to pay on the door either. A night like this could not have cost less, we got excellent service from an attentive staff even though we were in a nightclub, which, at the end of the day, is usually not the cheapest form of entertainment. I definitely recommend this club to everyone who likes smaller, more intimate, club like bars.


jknielsen 2010/10/20

For us the night was beyond unforgettable. We were celebrating the birthday of a very good Hungarian friend of mine at Club P2. The club was his choice, he said this is the bar most Hungarians go to since it is the most reliable one in town. Well, we weren’t disappointed at all, it totally blew our minds away. The best part of the evening was a girl called Carmen, her beauty, her style, she is gorgeous… The prices are absolutely OK, we even got a ride there and back, entrance was also free, so we had even more money money to spend on ourselves. I must mention how professional the attitude of the staff is and what a relaxed and cool atmosphere they create, congratulations are absolutely in order. If you go to Budapest, you should definitely visit this place, I rarely have such a good time like I did here. Thanks for everything, Nielsen.


brightKnight 2010/04/12

I arrived home from Budapest last week, however, I am still under the influence of it. I held my bachelor farewell party at Club P2, and I can tell it was perfect. This club is simply fantastic. The girls are not only beautiful but the ones who like parties, and also intelligent. We were given a show that I will not ever forget. At the end of it I caught myself standing in the middle of the stage without trousers and everyone almost died with laughter. Never mind. Bachelor farewell party is once in a lifetime. If you go to Budapest with a similar aim, or if you would simply like to have a party, I do recommend Club P2 to you, do not miss it anyway!!!


joe_sy 2010/03/01

Very nice place, with really nice girls with perfect incall service! For 30 Euros i got unlimited drinks and a private dance show, what i enjoyed very much! Thanks Royal Palce! Giovanni from Milano.


r1 2010/01/18

I live in Budapest more or less permanently and during the past couple of years I have been to several clubs and had many experiences. What I’d definitely like to share with you is that what you read on this site is pretty much 100% true. Where the site says be careful about a certain club, don’t even try to go to that place, because all visits will inevitably go wrong. But there are a few good places though, the ones they write about here, and my favourite is Club P2. There I’ve never once been disappointed and they’ve always been real friendly with me. The bill was always correct and for example in the weekends there loads of girls. I’ve got to know the staff pretty well, they know me too, and since I’m a regular the manager usually gives me a 20-30% discount off everything. Their new club has just opened in the centre, it’s called P1. That’s not really my style though, it’s too modern for me, the music is too loud, the girls are too young – for me they are, anyway - but I’m sure that’s exactly what many people are after, so for them I guess it comes highly recommended. The management totally guarantees that even in that bar you’ll be safe, get high quality entertainment and have a great time.


Dick 2009/07/21

For me Club P2 is the only actually reliable club in Budapest with a real atmosphere. Every year during the Formula 1 we visit Budapest with my mates. We have never once missed a chance to go to the Club P2 and it has yet to disappoint us. I do recommend this Club to everybody who wants to have a good time without unpleasant surprises. There I have always enjoyed high standard services and the biggest number of the most beautiful girls in Budapest also work there.


makic 2009/06/29

My experiences were very positive with regard to the club, with the only exception perhaps that I found it somewhat limited as to space, and being Friday I just arrived when it was fully booked out. Otherwise I was totally satisfied with everything. Special thanks with regard to the staff, keep up the good work!

Blacklist Watch out for taxi drivers!


CLUB: P1 Gentlemen's Club

written by Dusan

"Great club full with passion and erotica. Absolutely worth a visit, if you want something extraordinary for your money in Budapest. And the girls...cant find any words :D...


CLUB: Club P2

written by Jorg

"Absolutely the best. Been to several nightclubs in my life across the globe, but P2 is one of the greatest. Always been fan of hungarian girls, here you find the most breathtaking of them. Spent two wonderful nights in Budapest, and two unforgettable...


CLUB: The New Play Night Club ( ex X-Play, ex JET)

written by Lee07

"So, I wish I could say something positive about this place, but the truth is, that Play Night Club is NOT recommended. They work with crazy prices, and force you to pay the unrealistic bill. Me and my friends just wanted to have a pleasant evening...


CLUB: Carpe Diem Night Club (ex Flash Dance)

written by Carlos

"Be careful, because overcharging appears in this club, especially if you are not hungarian. We went with a bigger company, and the bill was unrealistic. We just had few drinks and watched the show. No way it costs more then 150 Euros...


CLUB: Mambo Night Club

written by Jürgen78

"Really disappointed. Wanted to have fun, but no chance under these circumstances. The Club is extremely overpriced, the setting is low-budget and the girls are bored as hell. No to mention the rude waitresses and security guys. Been there 30 minutes...


CLUB: 4play

written by Ron

"Not recommended for everyone, its a really cheap entertainment. You definitely gonna find a better nightclub in Budapest...



Anybody who has been to Budapest must know it's no accident that it is also known as the Bangkok of Eastern Europe, or Capital of Sex. Sex and Budapest and Budapest are absolutely interchangeable terms for many reasons. The first is that in Budapest, the beauty of the girls incomparable compared to the other nations of Europe.

Night club, Budapest...Girls, nightlife, sex in Budapest... What are your experiences? Feel free to share!