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Budapest V. Sas utca 9.

+36 1 786 77 40

Positive features

This Night Club employs the most beautiful girls in the city. The number of girls varies between 20 - 25 each day. The atmosphere and the environment have high standards and the service is appropriate. Warm meal is served between 6 p.m. and midnight. /According to our experiences, the food is excellent. Beside this, there's a 50 € cupon, you can spend it inside. But do not take any taxi because the cupon is valid for only those guests who are transferred to the club by their free car service, call 36 20 222-44-22 for that. The clientele is exclusive.

Negative features

Unfortunately, sometimes there are no free tables.

Club reviews



dali 2009/04/26

I live in Budapest since 2005 and i tried almost all these places on the Budapest-Sexguide's list. I agree with the ranking and with blacklist as well. In my eye the best bar to go is Club P2. In every respect this club provides the highest quality of services and also the most beauiful girls are working here.


oskar 2009/03/04

Best club i've ever been! And the 50 € coupon they have on website is really works! I love this place!!!


michael 2008/12/02

When we visited Budapest, we were staying at Hotel Gellér, but unfortunately we were badly deceived by the employee of the hotel, i.e. the doorman. The story is that we wanted to go to Club P2, and we had already ordered the free taxi through their website, from our room, and we were waiting at the reception. In the meantime we started a conversion with the doorman who told us not to go to that club because it was expensive. He said he knew a much better place, and their taxi driver would take us there. Unfortunately we believed that, and instead of Club P2 we were taken to Merci Club. The above adventure cost us exactly 500 euros, and we spent there only an hour. Beside the fact that the whole place is based on deceiving the guests, the girls and the design of the club are also unspeakable. The next day we did not make a mistake, and visited Club P2. The difference between the two places cannot be described. At least 30 wonderful girls, cool atmosphere, friendly and smiley staff, and most importantly: FAIR PRICES AND INVOICING. It is no mere chance that this is the number one club of Budapest, and the fact that there is a full house almost every night also has a good reason. I suggest no one should use the taxi service of the hotel, but call the free taxi of Club P2. Thus guests are not only given free taxi service, but a 50 euro coupon for free consumption as well.


hope23 2008/11/24

Best Club in Budapest!!! Waiting to come back!


meister 2008/11/02

As I had read only good things here about Club P2, I and two of my colleagues decided not to omit this place in any way while we were staying Budapest in September. There is printable coupon on their website, and written that it is worth 50€. We were quite sceptical about this, however, on a nothing ventured, nothing gained basis we printed it. We called the number on the coupon from the hotel, and asked them to give us a lift as it was written that the bonus was only valid if we were taken to the club by their taxi service. We only understood later what the point about this was. The situation is that the taxi drivers’ mafia in Budapest takes naïve tourists to the worst places where they are deceived – and naturally taxi drivers get their shares from this. So they sent their own car and I can guarantee that everything happened as it was written in advance. The taxi and the admission were free, and the coupon was enough for quite a few drinks. I asked the manager how it was worth for them in this way. He answered this way they usually have a full house, and they are the most frequented club in Budapest, and if guests are provided with high quality service, furthermore given a bit of pocket money by the club, they will stay and spend money with pleasure. The same happened to me, I felt really good, and spent many times more than the received 50 € until morning, however, I can assure everyone that it was worth:)


gelert 2008/11/02

I had been planning to go to Budapest for long, and at last I and my friends managed to organize a long weekend this autumn. My friends had already been there for a few times, and informed me about which clubs are worth visiting, and which should be avoided. I also experienced what is mentioned here, i.e. the taxi driver of the hotel wanted to take us to a place that was different from what we originally asked. My friends’ exclusive recommendation was Club P2, and they suggested that I should not try any other places. Now that I am writing these lines, I also recommend this to everyone reading this. I received an extremely friendly and professional catering. The girls were very nice, they spoke English, and provided me with everything I asked for. The prices were also fair, practically I spent only half of what I would have spent in a similar club of any Western European city. All in all, the experience is unforgettable, and I am absolutely sure that I am visiting this pleasant club next year again.


amafad 2008/10/12

A few days ago I visited the club, we went to Budapest to celebrate a bridegroom’s farewell party with 8 friends of mine. Before the journey, I found this forum, browsing the net, and based on what I read it was not difficult to choose the proper place for celebrating. Before starting off, I did all the corresponding and organizing stuff with the management of the bar, and as it was about a group, I was immediately offered 20% discount from drink prices, and free transport and admission tickets were also promised. The only task I had to perform in Budapest was to call their taxi service, and in about 10 minutes we were given a lift in front of the hotel. As it was agreed, we did not have to pay for the transport and admission tickets. About the bar: It was slightly smaller than I expected. However, there was substantial room for all the nine of us. The room itself was very friendly and full of life, maybe the many guests, and the cigarette smoke were disturbing, and the music was a bit too loud for me. In my opinion the fact that the place has a hot dish kitchen should be emphasized as it is of high standards! Our dinner was extremely delicious and substantial, and prices were moderate, with a main dish of approximately 10 to 12 €. The girls: It was at weekend, on Friday, approximately 20 to 25 girls were working. It is important that all girls on the website work in the bar, they are not only photo girls! The girls joining our company were very beautiful, well-groomed and intelligent, they were not insistent at all, and all of them spoke English at the adequate level. We could agree on the prices with them in advance, and there was no difference in the grand total of invoice either, on the basis of which I considered the management and staff of the bar absolutely reliable and fair. Private dance cost approximately 10,000 HUF (about 40€) and for this we could use the vip rooms as well. The prices of the drinks paid for the girls were only fragments of the prices common in Western Europe. Some people wrote here that drinks are expensive. Well, in my opinion they have not been to any bars in London or Spain yet… It was the task of the Club P2’s management to perform the bridegroom’s farewell party, and they also provided a special surprise. I hereby recommend Stella’s performance to everyone; if you want to entertain well and laugh a lot, order the above performance in any case! We received it free as well, as a gift from the club. All in all, we spent a really unforgettable and amusing evening there, and if I ever return to Budapest, I will visit this pleasant and friendly club once more! Finally, I would like to express my thanks to the staff for the perfect and careful service and the unforgettable experience we had! I can recommend them to everyone!

Blacklist Watch out for taxi drivers!


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"Great club full with passion and erotica. Absolutely worth a visit, if you want something extraordinary for your money in Budapest. And the girls...cant find any words :D...


CLUB: Club P2

written by Jorg

"Absolutely the best. Been to several nightclubs in my life across the globe, but P2 is one of the greatest. Always been fan of hungarian girls, here you find the most breathtaking of them. Spent two wonderful nights in Budapest, and two unforgettable...


CLUB: The New Play Night Club ( ex X-Play, ex JET)

written by Lee07

"So, I wish I could say something positive about this place, but the truth is, that Play Night Club is NOT recommended. They work with crazy prices, and force you to pay the unrealistic bill. Me and my friends just wanted to have a pleasant evening...


CLUB: Carpe Diem Night Club (ex Flash Dance)

written by Carlos

"Be careful, because overcharging appears in this club, especially if you are not hungarian. We went with a bigger company, and the bill was unrealistic. We just had few drinks and watched the show. No way it costs more then 150 Euros...


CLUB: Mambo Night Club

written by Jürgen78

"Really disappointed. Wanted to have fun, but no chance under these circumstances. The Club is extremely overpriced, the setting is low-budget and the girls are bored as hell. No to mention the rude waitresses and security guys. Been there 30 minutes...


CLUB: 4play

written by Ron

"Not recommended for everyone, its a really cheap entertainment. You definitely gonna find a better nightclub in Budapest...



Anybody who has been to Budapest must know it's no accident that it is also known as the Bangkok of Eastern Europe, or Capital of Sex. Sex and Budapest and Budapest are absolutely interchangeable terms for many reasons. The first is that in Budapest, the beauty of the girls incomparable compared to the other nations of Europe.

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